Abi (abigailb) wrote,

landvaettir came round this evening and we drank nearly all of a bottle of vodka and watched maid marian and then eventually, after 3 buses and a taxi, ended up at b-movie, which was teh fun. decided fairy wings really need a bigger venue. i liked dancing to Nellie the Elephant, it reminds me of Southampton.

oh and yesterday we went to the british museum and tried to find the secret annex that the league of extraordinary gentlemen use. my theory is that it is in what appears to be a missing floor. oh, and we looked at some old stuff as well. it's kind of humbling looking at writing that's 5,000 years old... and rather cool to realise that we actually understand what it means. but then we had cocktails which is the important part. and then i went home and it is at this point i saw a mouse.

i am supposedly going to be in leicester tomorrow for some kind of flatcooling party, before then going to intelekt. we'll see when i get up...
Tags: social

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