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two weeks now! and what a two weeks. i can report: folks at work seem lovely. office is nicely airconditioned, and a few times we've been out to Lincoln's Inn Fields to have sandwiches which is good :) the fields are a bit random, in the middle of central london to have a semi big park.

seem to have accidentally bought a lot of movies from the hmv and virgin sales. ho hum. still not seen superman yet!

been exploring a bit more : one day i got out at finsbury park tube station determined to try to walk to seven sisters: however i got sufficiently lost i ended up going the wrong way down seven sisters road and ended up in highbury instead. this tale of getting lost however is nothing compared to my getting lost on the way from oxford street to holborn!

on sunday i wandered around islington and suchforth, and was mildly disappointed to learn the Angel, Islington is now a weatherspoons (it's next to the historic Angel building - I'm not sure if it actually has continuity or not). i also found Hotblack Desatio.

yesterday had a look round Manor House but didn't find anything particularly exciting there. seven sisters is mainly random small independent shops. not found a good proper fish and chip shop nearby yet, alas (proper = battered fish). i found an awful proper one, but not a good proper one.

there was a water leak on seven sisters road. i saw it yesterday morning: someone was working on it yesterday evening, and then this morning the entire junction and road had been sealed off near the leak "POLICE INNER CORDON". not sure if this is related.

this evening i went to see landvaettir. the highlight of the conversation has to be :

abigailb: oh, and i saw glamgothruthy at b-movie.
landvaettir: ah! and how is she?

tomorrow i shall be going to leicester, and i will be going to psychocandy in the evening. sunday i will be returning to london with More Stuff.
Tags: city, city: london, social, work

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