Abi (abigailb) wrote,

eek, i seem to have got into listening to doctor who audios now. tsk!

the start of Jubilee confused me massively. i put it on, noticed it was a trailer for some other story, and skipped tracks, and got confused when i couldn't find the credits. but no, the trailer is part of the story! damn you rob shearman! SCARPER! SCARPER! and i've not even listened to the 2nd track yet. :)

really enjoyed The Kingmaker too (a rather ingenious dirk-gently-ish story regarding the princes in the tower), although it was outright anachronistic in its comedy and i can see why people who take matters more seriously might not like it (brief clips with jon culshaw as the 4th doctor! shame tom won't do them though perhaps he wouldn't be able to recreate it)
Tags: doctor who

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