October 30th, 2011

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Went to see Ghostbusters at the newly-opened Hackney Picturehouse with [personal profile] khalinche and [profile] timeplease. I had forgotten how good a comedy the film is: 10/10.

The cinema just opened on Friday, in what was the old Ocean. I joined as a founder member, and consequently my name is on some artwork in the ceiling in the booking area. I went along last Sunday for the open day, and it seems pretty good. Screen 1 is epically big, and I look forward to seeing the big popcorn films there. Ghostbusters tonight was in screen 2, which is a rather smaller scale but still a very big screen for the size of the auditorium. Screens 3 and 4 I recall being rather smaller. I'm sure I will become more familiar with these in time. And, best of all, it's five minutes' walk from the Pembury. It'll be so nice to be able to meet there in advance of the movie, or adjourn there after the film for a drink and a chat about the cinematography.

It was a digital print of Ghostbusters, which is being re-released, apparently. I'm no revisionist, but am slightly disappointed that more work was not done. Most of the effects were fine (if dated), but the new clean copy meant three particularly dodgy composites became really obvious. And more's the pity, they could have been done with the material at hand, by me, even. Two of these were bleed throughs, and in another, the side of a building was flickering between perspectives oddly. I think it's a shame to tout something as "digitally remastered" and to make howlers like that more visible.

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