Abi (abigailb) wrote,

back from bmovie relatively early due to my head breaking. good night until then : caught cab back with reddragdiva and arkady. i introduced two abis (absinthecity and seph_hazard to each other. we just need a couple more and we can have a poker night or a five-aside team or something. also spotted were: squirmelia, secretlondon, fluffymormegil, vampwillow, glamgothruthy and for that matter probably half of livejournal so i should just give up here in case i forget someone. poggs briefly popped in. someone showed me some magic tricks (including a VERY impressive sleight of hand), but i'm not sure who that was.

i'd spent pretty much all the night being worried my hair was going to fall out : now i'm sitting on my bed painfully trying to take it off. hurrah for irony!
Tags: social

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