January 15th, 2010

experimental cookery #2010/2

Hypothesis fried potato cakes are tasty
Equipment 1 frying pan, oil grated potatoes, flour, eggs
Test subject doseybat
Method The grated potatoes were squeezed to remove an excessive and potentially dangerous build-up of dihydrogen monoxide (H2O). The resulting matter was mixed with the flour and eggs.

The frying pan was heated on a commercially available stove, with oil. The mixture was placed into the frying pan once it had reached a sufficient temperature. This was left there for a while, turning occasionally.

The resulting test article was fed to the doseybat.

Results The doseybat ate bits of it, noting that in part it was Ok, but generally inconsistent.
Conclusion The method appears to have been flawed. Further tests should be conducted with more care to thermal transmission and the vertical dimension of the mixture in the frying pan.