September 15th, 2007

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went to b-movie this evening, for the first time for ages (last time i went was the first time in the new venue... when was that?). ignoring the result of my poll, i went as Nocturne, which involved being blue, wearing pointy ears, and an x-men costume (lots of blue and yellow). much fun. i was accompanied by landvaettir, who was dressed as Midnighter, from The Authority, in a really awesome mask and appropiate logo. more people recognised Midnighter (several) than Nocturne (none), but I suppose that's what you get for dressing up as a character from Exiles or New Excalibur not too many other people in capes, but we spotted a Batgirl, a couple of Vs, and someone who, to be fair, it was unclear whether was actually dressed up as the Punisher or was merely wearing a Punisher t-shirt, but anyway.

some people actually took photos of me this time, unlike last year when i was green. huzzah.