August 9th, 2006

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monomeet last weekend was generally fun, although i got far far too drunk on the friday night. oh, and i bought some very big blue fairy wings in camden. very busy this week so far: also tired.

this week i have been mostly reading...

A Quantum Murder by Peter F. Hamilton. Didn't like this as much as Mindstar Rising. It had narrative exposition which was pretty clumsy having read the other book immediately beforehand : and it doesn't really offer anything new in terms of speculation. The core mystery/whodunnit was well-executed. I shall read the third book in the trilogy, The Nano Flower at some point. probably leaving a bit longer in between this time.

Spike graphic novel thingy: Three one-shots. First one was good, second one had one particularly jarring section that didn't really work for me. Third one was rather entertaining.

The Difference Engine by Sterling and Gibson. I am reading this at the moment, not very far in. Is good. Amused by pun in title (it's really talking about the analytical engine, but of course it made a difference... or it could just be a mistake). Liked cameo of Disraeli.

Must read more steampunk : it is after all a thematic influence on the mud (the idea being that the mud has what would usually in SF be considered anachronistically early space travel, whilst keeping computers and AI crap, along with colonial empires/Scramble for the Stars et al - 2300 AD does the same setup but in a different way by having a devastating nuclear war in between, and tends towards more cyber stuff which i was trying to avoid. 2300 AD (or its predessor, Traveller, I forget which) was apparently also a major influence on Elite/Frontier, so i am in good company), but I was never well read in it.

In my queue are: Lullaby, Neverwhere, Pandora's Star/Judas Unchained. Suggestions welcome.

oh, and i decided what my novel is going to be. i just need to write it now. when is nanowrimo?