June 1st, 2006

marvel 1602

Prompted by my X-Men watching, I decided to read Marvel 1602 the other day. this is an interesting beast, a Neil Gaiman-penned work about the 1960s Lee/Kirkby-created Marvel heroes appearing 400 years too early, and going into both the consequences of that and the reasons why. I'm not hugely into the background material, but was able to figure out much of it on my own (had to look up a few people to see who they were supposed to be. Handily it comes with a dramatis personae at the start.) I heartily recommend it and will lend it out if anyone wants.

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lunch and shopping this afternoon with feuermaus, luxleviathana and kelly. rather nice just chatting with people and stuff.

had flat inspection this evening then, at 5pm. no problem at all: i think she was just checking i hadn't knocked any walls through and the like. ;)

just chilling out now. i did a bit of work on the mud for the first time in ages earlier this evening. we're getting somewhat annoyed by someone who does nothing but keeps connecting and disconnecting and spamming our collective screens with messages. if we ban them, we still get messages about them connecting. so i'll be implementing another step: EXTREME BANNINATION! :)

Sandi Thom

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Of course, some people are decrying her as manufactured evil for even having a manager/PR agency, whilst other people are saying "omg! how dare you accuse her of such things." I think, as with most things in life, the real situation is more complicated, a shade of grey. My best guess is the narrative above, but who knows? My real problem with her is that her song is stupid: purposely so, true, but nontheless.

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