September 23rd, 2005

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back home now. woo. catheter to be taken out on tuesday by district nurse - this means probably fools and heroes sunday not going to happen. ;) not sure when i'll return to work. we'll see how it goes.

it is good to have friends who work in the hospital you are staying at. last evening i taught vjbseven how to do sudoku without writing lots of numbers in the grid, and then later drjane brought me round the first two Sandman collections and a Lenore collection, all of which i have now devoured. I should have read these sooner. Now need to get Sandman vol 3!

In meantime, A&A have sent me my ADSL router thingy, so basically as soon as I have recovered I can move to flat properly.

(no subject)

end of a very long day. i am growing to hate the catheter. it was ok when i was on bedrest but now i'm moving its just horrid.

my ADSL has been tested and works. i now need to think up a .uk domain to the ISP to register for free for me. inspire me, please.

i have Neil Gaiman's new book Anansi Boys, to read. going to turn off computer in a bit and do so!

really wish i could be out this weekend. was looking forward to it :/