August 24th, 2005

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to add another item to the list of IM clients I use, I have started using Google Talk. username same as on here. if anyone needs a gmail invite then i do have 50.

Google Talk is based on Jabber, the only real IM standard, which is really good as it means that I can use gaim to connect already, without someone having to hack it. Woo.

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Ikea trip went very smoothly, brought back a couple of low shelving units and a small chest of drawers which we built, and the remaining stuff was delivered about 6pm. In the meantime maxiie, sparklejess and Erin (livejournal-less?) came to keep me company.

BT still haven't phoned me back so I will try to kick some telco ass tomorrow morning, and maybe go hassle letting agency some more. Met the person who is moving into room 216 briefly today, first living person i've seen in the corridors (although i'm pretty sure there is someone at the end of my corridor now).

Going to Reading tomorrow! Huzzah!

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met rosie (who was in my physics class at QE and i bumped into at the Summer Sundae) for drinks at the old horse this evening. all in all very good evening.

feeling like i want to meet more people from back then. hmm.