August 14th, 2005

still alive

Well, that has been an interesting day.

Day 2 at the festival. I saw the end of the Traces, Hot Chip, the Editors, Corb Lund (who were excellent - and any band that has a song called We've Been Drinking Beer All Night, It's Time To Switch To Whiskey or similar, and call it a spiritual, is OK by me), The Magic Numbers (who I ended up queuing for over an however for them to sign my copy of their album), Thirteen Senses, The Bees, KT Turnstall.

After this I decided I was knackered and headed to somewhere that is in relation quiet and comfortable (ie psychocandy/nowhere). this seemed quite poorly attended but the crowd that was out was good. Spent time split between the floors.

Met annomalley for first time in real life. landvaettir was looking resplendent with her new skirt and glowy balls. codezombie tried to persuade me to come to fools and heroes. two people commented that i was boringly dressed : yes, for i had been to a festival, and don't really think that, e.g. long velvet dresses go well with mud.

if anyone has found a purple umbrella at the attik, it is mine!

and then came home early. i have been out/drinking 8 days of the last 9 (including today), and it is starting to show.

tomorrow has a bit of an earlier end to proceedings. the last act, Patty Smith, will be on at 21.15.

Harry Potter

Whilst I was in Germany I read the 2nd Harry Potter book. And at the airport and since I got back I have read the 3rd.

What to say about them? I was distinctly unimpressed by the first book, when I read it probably over a year ago now. The second book I found not much better. However, the third book is a real improvement. I can see what people see in it now - this is a nicely plotted arc so far. I wouldn't go as far as saying I like it though. Going to read next few sometime.

(no subject)

updating from Summer Sundae, where I am currently listening to Luke Haines, whose tent is overflowing. So far I have seen the HaveNots, Sondre Lerche, Jill Sobule (who was so good i ran to the cashpoint so I could buy her album and get her to sign it), Patrick Wolf, the Earlies, Alfie and the Duke Spirit.