August 8th, 2005

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back home now. will write long update tomorrow. briefly -
  • wearing steel toe-cap boots through metal detectors is a bad idea
  • apfelwein (frankfurt/hesse cider) is bitter but palatable. for some reason, it is offered diluted as well as neat. when i drank some at the funfair i was mocked as if they could not believe a foreigner would have neat apfelwein. this would make sense except it tastes quite weak.
  • some wikipedians aren't geeks!
  • a crazy man wants to start up sign language wikipedias, featuring video footage of people signing articles. this i think will be very interesting to edit!
  • has a limited life expectancy
  • richard stallman is still mad
  • i should make openid support for mediawiki
  • jimbo can dance.