July 31st, 2005

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back from seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. i was a big Dahl fan as a kid, but never really liked any of the movie versions of his stuff - the Willie Wonka film, the Matilda film were pretty poor, the Witches film has a stupid new ending.

this however i found a thoroughly fun film, especially the oompa-loompas and the way they got Charlie's family spot on. Liked the way they kept the search for the tickets (omitted or at least severely summarised in the original film). New backstory suitably Dahl-esque. Wondering if Wonka's written reviews of chocolates (I remember one said "good, nutty, taste") are the same as Dahl's reviews in Boy. Must check.

me, darkstream, eldritchreality caught the 7pm showing, managing to catch up with landvaettir beforehand, who is apparently off to surrey again, hopefully not to kill pheasants. sadly vjbseven and lost_species and qfyd and bx_83 didn't make that showing, but we met up in the pub afterwards and i think we achieved a consensus that the film was pretty damn good.