July 9th, 2005

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had pre-intelekt wardrobe crisis which has led to much of the contents of my wardrobe being on the floor now... will have to sort this out tomorrow. (need more space).

in end decided on something that i didn't dare actually stand up in until (a) i had several shots, (b) it was demanded that i do so. still think i looked silly ;)

every line i cross i get nervous. it's strange.

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In the song The Teddy Bears' Picnic it is said that "if you go down to the woods to-day, you'd better go in disguise", because "the teddy bears [are having] their picnic", and that if you don't you'll be "in for a big surprise". It further says that if you do go, "you'd better not go alone" and that it is "safer to stay at home".

This always confused me when I was a child. What precisely would the teddy bears do to you if they saw you not in disguise?

I think I was under the impression they were violent teddy bears who would not appreciate human visitors and probably kill them, possibly torturing them first. Am I disturbed?