July 7th, 2005

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Our London office is on Old Broad Street, right next to Liverpool Street station. We know they evacuated... but I don't know where to. They could have gone right onto Houndsditch where the explosion at 10:50 was reported.

15 minutes

because i was the person who started the wikipedia article on the bombings, i am going to be interviewed tomorrow by the US public radio show "The World", apparently also shown on the world service. they are doing a show or piece about just general internet reactions.

the interest is bizarre and a little weird. i was just surprised nobody had kicked it off before me... we didn't make any scoops, although i think at some points we were more up to date than news.bbc.co.uk, and also we had better maps than most places.

part of me is wondering don't they have better things to do? like cover the actual news? but i am obviously being a latent media whore, since i agreed.