June 21st, 2005

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Happy solstice everyone!

Random fact: sunrise has already started getting later each day, a few days ago, but sunsets won't start getting earlier for a few days yet [1]. Wonder if those two days (earliest sunrise, latest sunset) have actual names?

1. This may not apply to readers in the southern hemisphere.

we was robbed

if "anteater" had been accepted as an egg-bearing mammal, (the full common name is "spiny anteaters", the only accepted answer was "echidnas"), and "Indian" had been accepted for the originators of zero instead of "Arabic", our team (me, drjane, vjbseven, lost_species and digivamp) would have won. tch.

but took away two prizes for the team anyway, so blah.

it is Leicester Pride on Saturday. I thoroughly encourage all and sundry to attend, whether or not you be lesbian, gay, bisexual, or straight or other, and whether you are particularly proud of that or not. Is basically excuse for party in Victoria Park, which surely must be encouraged for whatever reason.