June 19th, 2005

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quite a good night out. introduced lots of people to each other which is good. danced lots which is good. didn't get too drunk which is good. got someone sent over to ask me on somebody else's behalf if i was single, which is also good. went home just after 0130, due to tiredness and hotness.

everybody is apparently coming to see Batman Begins at the Odeon on Sunday, meeting 1345 for the 1400 showing. it should be good!


saw Batman this evening with quite a lot of people including codezombie, darkstream, landvaettir, lost_species, lyracian, Tamsin, qfyd, and vjbseven, and apparently superevildene.

was ok, but wouldn't call it great. certainly better than the other batman films. but it is definitely a great setup for further films, especially the ending...

afterwards whiled away the afternoon getting drunk, ruining jokes and trying to hit people with a parasol. wonder if anyone is still speaking to me ;)