June 17th, 2005

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Google Maps appears to have acquired a knowledge of the rest of the world, although only outlines and borders and very zoomed out imagery.


And map of Leicester City Centre is greatly improved too, with one-way systems marked, as are some major institutions/buildings. (the universities, the infirmary, golf clubs, the shires, a few parks (but not viccy park). but not the haymarket or the stadiums.

still needs a lot of tweaking but it is nice to see some change.

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back from seeing Mr and Mrs Smith with lyracian, Tamsin and landvaettir. this film is far better than i had expected it to be, or even than it has any right to be (being that it is an action film with a strong helping of romantic comedy... or possibly the other way round). I thought it was well-paced, something action movies usually have horrible problems with.

very tired now.