June 5th, 2005

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Event excellent. Met up with avstrangegirl and alexa_jay beforehand at Jaceys, then went onto Quebec at about 8. Never actually been there except for Intelekt. Bands were good, especially the headliners, Bitchslap, all the way from Sydney. Sadly they had run out of CDs, though I managed to get a setlist signed instead. Must find out of they are doing any more UK gigs, and how to get hold of CDs. Good to see skibbley and Elizabeth (lj-less?) there. Now very tired. Oh, and drunk.

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The good thing about summer is that I find it easy to get up to go to work. The bad thing about summer is that I find it hard to lie in on Sundays.

Sin City this afternoon, 16.00 showing at the Odeon.

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back from seeing Sin City from darkstream, digivamp, drjane, greeba and grim_tim. enjoyed it. the harsh reviews i've seen are undeserved, and i think probably aimed really at the genre rather than this instance of it. considering getting the comic book version now to see how it compares.

afterwards we (save greeba and digivamp) retired to the pub where we speculated on, amongst other things, who would win in a fight between Cybermen and Cybergoths.