May 23rd, 2005

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Brief and useless CD reviews. I've listened to these basically once all the way through, and random other bits, so very much first impressions.

Audioslave - Out of Exile. Second album from the band of RATM along with Chris Cornell. Less patchy than the first album, Cornell's singing is working better with the band's music. But damn, I want Zach back.

Queen Adreena - The Butcher and the Butterfly. Seems more accessible than the other of theirs I have, Drink Me (although possibly this is related to the fact that I saw them on Wednesday).

The Coral - The Invisible Invasion. Rather Coral-y. This is now their third album and whilst this is quite nice and suchforth, they just don't seem to be going anywhere with it.

I haven't yet listened to the new Gorillaz album, also relased today.

Minister for Inequality

apparently, in a staggering display of missing the point, the new Minister for Women and Equality is working unpaid.

i mean, blergh??? they have an excuse (the number of paid ministerial positions is limited by law) but it doesn't sound like a very good one. you only need so many damn minister of state for paperclips at the department of administrative affairs, and this, whilst not exactly a high-profile position, is actually a position with wide-ranging responsibility, and not really subordinate to any one department.