March 8th, 2005

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Jim's last day. We got him a bottle of whisk(e)y that turned out to be his favorite type. Still all rather strange.

I am amused by the artwork for the Kaiser Chiefs, particularly the description of the tracklengths - "All tracks have been timed and found to generally run to the following lengths: 3'37 3'53 4'03 3'00 4'35 3'34 3'30 3'26 4'09 2'45 4'10 3'24".

(no subject)

another migraine. i don't know what triggers these off. i haven't done anything out of the ordinary today or anything.

i was told some years ago by a headache doctor that they weren't "real" migraines, but just tension-related hedaches or something. and that if i relaxed they would go away. which kind of feels like i'm being blamed for them

but i don't see how. i get kpain, right now mainly behind and a little to the above of my left eye, along with strong light aversion and not liking nloise. they have been incapacitating and i hope they aren't again. if i get a bad one nothing i take seems to stop it.

i need to fix this. it was supposed to be fixed already.