February 11th, 2005

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So, apparently tonight's plan is Intelekt!. I will not be taking photos of anyone else. (but may want people to randomly take photos of me again).

In other news, I seem to have arranged to go visit Yaz (and Moira) in Manchester sometime in April. Apparently she will show me where all the cool lesbians hang out.

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This seems to have things the opposite way round!

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 84%
Kissing Skill Level - 20%
Cudding Skill Level - 54%
Sex Skill Level - 84%
Why They Love You You pleasure them first.
Why They Hate You You won't take your socks off.
This cool quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 1563078 Times.
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