February 6th, 2005

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Generally a good party, and then a good night out. Alarmingly I wasn't the last to bed, I think alexa and zub went at 9am, and other people may not have gone to bed at all. Thanks to everyone for coming, especially on such short notice (especially lithiana who I harassed on IRC to come yesterday!), and sorry for chucking you out - my parents are kind of exhausted now and needed their house back.

I took loads of photos at the club which I will sort out in a bit. I found a straw that glows in the UV and then waved it around a lot, so does that make me a cybergoff? Four people told otterylexa she looked like Trinity from the Matrix (although one said Lara Craft), which I think is a quorum.

Full list of attendees

abigailb (me, obviously)
zub (my brother)

Non-LJ people were Sam (Bingo) and Ruan (Serriadh) from Cryosphere. A special mention must go to Bingo who managed to drive from Gloucester to Leicester via Stoke! However, the award for stupidity goes to Serriadh, for his self-inflicted injury acquired whilst going downstairs and pretending to be a monkey.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the time I actually went to bed at today. Yay.

Tomorrow's dilemma

Now, do I go to see the Dears tomorrow, like i'd planned, and then go home? Or do I go to the Dears and then go onto Spellbound? Or do I go to just Spellbound? Or do I just stay in and catch up on sleep. The first three options will result in a broken Abi on Tuesday morning, and there's not much point going to Spellbound after the Dears if I can only be there for a little while anyway. May just go directly there.


The party (and electrotribe) in pictures (apart from the bits where nobody took any)

The camera got rather screwed up so many of the distance shots were unusable. Unfortunately these included all ones of me! Other people also escaped photography somehow.

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I quite like the power that taking photographs in clubs gives me. Muhaha. I shall have to bring my camera next time I'm out, too!