February 1st, 2005

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Going here this evening probably.

In other news, I have solved the quandary of what to do with the dollar I won at the last one. I have decided to give it to Ez who is going on holiday to New York tomorrow, to get her to buy something for me. *wonders what you can get for a dollar*

(no subject)

Good evening. First - pub with Ez, Phil, Finn, alcohol, then going to the Cafe Scientifique.

Unfortunately I missed the start of the talk. Alec Jeffreys turned out to be a really really really good speaker. And brave enough to make a gag as follows

  Joe Bloggs
  white; armed robbery
  12.3   14.5  18.9   23.4

  Tony Blair
  white; illegal invasion
  9.4  10.3  17.3  24.3

Then I went to the fish and chip shop and now I am eating fish and chips.