January 29th, 2005

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Back from firefly/new potatoes. Came home in the early due to the 4 hours of sleep last night.

This time I didn't accidentally get pitchers of cocktails at firefly :( so a bit of a letdown. I let in landvaettir and riak on the exact idea for my screenplay and they seemed to like it, although Landvaettir seemed to think it would be improved by the addition of pirate ninja cowboys. So now I just need to find someone to co-write it for me! *cackle* world domination awaits!

We walked into new potatoes during the middle of a very odd band and I can kind of see why not everyone stuck around. I decided to stick it out though and the night itself was quite cool. Seeing nigel from work (does he have a DJ-name?) DJing very odd considering I had no idea about his little hobby until very recently. ;) I have warned him everyone will be told. Had a good catch-up with my namesake lady_miamew : sorry I didn't stick around longer but I was about to fall asleep.

Gonna have a good long lie-in tomorrow. I dunno if I'll be going to retribution. If anyone else is planning to I might as well go, but I think people might be otherwise engaged?


For some reason we got talking about filksongs at firefly. I mentioned that I had made a couple of filksongs based on songs by popular beat combos. There seemed to be genuine interest on the part of landvaettir at least, so here are the lyrics. Collapse ) Collapse ) Collapse )

Enough fun for tonight, I think I will go to bed.

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Observers of me last night may have noticed I was frequently sneezing. I now have a distinct temperature.

Movie writing going well. I am hoping to have an outline by the end of the day.

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I have got to get out of this stupid house immediately.

Update at 21:29:

I have just been persuaded to physically stay here another night. I'd started putting my boots and coats of and was thinking about staying the night in a hotel. Very annoying that I didn't take up bobbieflathead's offer whilst I still had the chance, I have no idea where to start now.

I need somewhere to live that is close to London Road (I work on Granville Road) - I'd prefer walking distance but will take near a bus route, and is not right on a main road (I have horrific trouble sleeping with even the slightest light or noise - light can be fixed with enough curtains but noise will get me). I have no idea where to start looking, how much I can afford, or other such things. My previous attempts at living away from home were utter disasters in the student-filth sense : in particular the time I was not in a shared house was absolutely awful. So I am scared I will fuck up if I live alone. I come with a lot of baggage and suchforth and so don't really want to live with random people who I have never met and don't know about me.

Am I fucked?