January 21st, 2005

Robots of Dawn

Ok, Asimov beat me in the end, again. I suppose I should have known not to expect a non-twisty denouement. Dead authors are evil, particularly Philip K. Dick. Made a start on Robots and Empire.

Has anyone read the Asimov-universe novels not written by Asimov himself? How much do they smell?

New system of months

I have decided to rename all the months. The existing system makes no sense at all and is discriminatory.

We have January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

People familiar with Latin will notice that "decem" means 10, "novem" means 9, "octo" means 8, "septem" means 7. These are clearly absurd - these month names have not been updated for the introduction of January and February (there used to be a long winter period not considered part of any month). Additionally, some of the months are named after Roman gods, but none after any other pantheons. This is clearly not acceptable in the modern multi-cultural world. The naming of July and August after dictators is clearly also wrong - I hope by abolishing references to dictators in my new month names I will be able to gain the support of the U.S. government

So, here is my new system

*Quintilis Quetzalcoatl
*September (previously July)
*October (previously August)
*November (previously September)
*December (previously October)
*Jesusember (named for Jesus from Mormonism)

Additionally, all months shall have the alternate name of "Bob".

Another friday, another leaving party

Well, technically the last one I attended was on Thursday: but it was the last day before I came off work, so it seemed like a Friday.

This week has been OK. Probably would have done me good to wait an extra week or two before coming back; but was getting so bored at home. And now I'm bored all again, for a whole new set of reasons... Anything happening tonight?