January 17th, 2005

1st day back at work

I managed to get up early enough (or rather, I managed to get up 3 hours too early, vaguely look at the clock, realise the signifance of that and doze until 7am). So, on to work...

I wonder if I can remember my password :)

Well, I'm here.

Not too much has changed. Nobody has left whilst I was gone, which I was kind of paranoidly worried about (but then I guess few people change jobs over Christmas anyway). As expected I have moved - to the other side of the room. The move actually took place on Friday, so everyone else was kind of confused anyway. And we have a new security system which means I have to swipe in and out every time I need to leave or enter the room (including to go to the toilet). But apart from that seems just like I left it.


Back home now. All went fine. Spent most of the day catching up email and documents (7 weeks worth!), then looked at a couple of bugs. Have arranged for Ez to come to the Cafe Scientifique hopefully tomorrow; and also have plans to go see Six by Seven when they play The Charlotte on Friday the 28th.


Point your music player at your entire mp3 collection (your regular "pretty much everything I own" playlist will do). Set it to 'shuffle'. Tell us the first ten songs you get. No cheating!

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