January 16th, 2005

The potato danced

Yay! Its back up.

So, yesterday (Friday): Intelekt, which I was surprised to find myself really liking (not really knowing much about that sort of music). It was kind of amusing seeing the people from downstairs come upstairs and decide they didn't like it, then go back downstairs to the cheesy gay music.

Today (Saturday): The best thing ever happened today! I ordered a glass of Long Island Iced Tea at Firefly, and they accidentally brought me a jug. And let me keep it. But only paying for the glass!!! How much better can it get? Naturally, I had to drink it all. So I am, very drunk - multiple punctuation marks level of drunk, in fact. Then to Merciless, where I danced for the first time since November. Woo.

Go back to work Monday. Apparently they've moved all the desks round again, so I guess the first order of business will be finding out where I sit now. I should be fine as long as I can actually get up early enough.
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