January 11th, 2005

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Review of Sunday -

Cocktails: good, mostly

Film: good. But I still think it was all Mexican TV!

I can't believe how much better I am that I was before. Looking forward to work on Monday.

Looking ahead I seem to be rather busy... (well, compared to the last 6 weeks)

  • 2005-01-12 (Wed): Charli from the MUD visiting. We are planning to crash-write a mission, just like in the good olde days.
  • 2005-01-14 (Fri): I have been told to go to Intelekt. Dare I disobey?
  • 2005-01-15 (Sat): Day: Ruth from TerraFirmA is visiting. Evening: Merciless Retribution.
  • 2005-01-17 (Mon): Starting back at work.
  • 2005-01-22 (Sat): Emily (loony)'s birthday party, in Oxon
  • 2005-02-12 (Sat): ickle_yuki visiting again for psychocandyclub?
  • 2005-03-05 (Sat): squirmelia's Quarter of a Century Party, in Soton.