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Quiet week so far. Went shopping on tuesday for party things. And did a further test batch of scones today. Only 3 days to go now.

Up to chapter 12 of the Kalevala now. Really should be writing a plot summary for wikipedia. But oh well - can do that later.

It seems a bit unfair to lose your sister in a competition and then be upset at the person you lost her to : don't gamble with siblings in the first place! Väinämöinen would probably do better to find a dating agency.

In more seriousness, I like it. I like the translation. I can't compare it to the original - indeed after having peeked at the original, and later having it waved in my face as a temptation, i have decided not to do so again because I'm sure I would then go and learn Finnish and I can't be having with that. I find the use of repetition, either literally, or sometimes dualism, repetition of form, interesting as a device. I could pontificate more. But I'll wait until I've read more, I think. The tacked-on Christianity is getting a bit unfortunate.

Also wtf is the Sampo?

watched various things. watched the Tom Baker serial Robots of Death with parents and brother. enjoyed this. it's funny how my dad will claim to have seen serials before - but half the time he's lying and makes absurd predictions as to what will come next, the other half he makes startlingly accurate predictions - i remember he did that with The Daleks. anyway, yes, now have official run out of doctor who to watch (well, technically i have The Edge of Destruction but that's only 50 mins)

as to new who: really like how they've done the cybermen, with the steel and the CLUNK CLUNK. impressive that they are actually scary, its the 2000s and they are still recognisably cybermen. amusing they used a device from the start of Robots of Death at the start of Rise of the Cybermen though.

also watched This Is Spın̈al Tap for first time. And then watched it with the commentary on. The DVD commentary is great: it's given by the band IN CHARACTER. They moan about how the director of the film made them look silly by selecting incidents. Hurrah.
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