Abi (abigailb) wrote,


<morwen> Bradaphraser: shall I tell you my anti-joke?
<Bradaphraser> sure
<Bradaphraser> go for it
<morwen> right, for this i will need a straight guy
<morwen> hang on
--> straight_man (n=morwen@dragon.evilmagic.org) has joined #uncyclopedia
<straight_man> ello
<Bradaphraser> I have a whole repotoire of anti-jokes
<morwen> straight_man: wow, that's handy!
<straight_man> morwen: what?
<morwen> straight_man: i need you to perform the straight part in some jokes.
<straight_man> morwen: oh, ok.
<DaBlade> No uncyc activity since march
<morwen> right
<morwen> straight_man: my dog has no ears
<straight_man> morwen: oh no! how does it hear?
<morwen> straight_man: terrible!
<morwen> straight_man: my dog also has no legs
<straight_man> morwen: oh no! how does it walk?
<morwen> straight_man: terrible!
<morwen> straight_man: my dog has no nose
<straight_man> morwen: how does it smell?
<morwen> straight_man: what do you mean how does it smell? it can't smell it has no nose YOU INSENSITIVE CLOD.
* straight_man bows
<-- straight_man has quit (Client Quit)

oh, and i appear to have managed to attach woolyhair to my head in a vaguely acceptable manner (you can probably see the real hair looking at it from odd angles, i clearly need more mirrors or maybe a cctv system for checking. or i could dye it black and then it wouldn't matter so much.). off to intelekt in a little while.
Tags: fun, hair

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