Abi (abigailb) wrote,

metaphorical panda

music quiz this evening. i think i caused a net +1 to be added to the team's score. i'm not sure why i bother really (about anything). on the upside, i've had an AWFUL LOT OF CIDER.

so i was talking to the rest of the team and it turns out they'd never heard of POKEY THE PENGUIN, can you believe it?

Some good strips are Pokey #1 Pokey #2 (Pokey and his Friends) Pokey has an Identical Twin The Forbidden Candy Pokey and Yekop (in which pokey deals with his counterpart from an alternate universe) Welcome to Rum Island The Skeptopotamus The Power of Democray/You Can Count On Stalin. How can you not love a comic which has lines like 'HERE ON RUM ISLAND WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN RUM!'?

Also those of you who are geometrically inclined should check out a cartoon which has EVEN WORSE ARTWORK, Triangle and Robert, which is about a triangle called, um, Triangle, and a rhombus called Robert. They insult their cartoonist. A lot. (here for the main page, earlier link was archive)

And bizarre road sign experiment (hunt around the site for more).

oh, and i appear to have ended up with 2 more bottles of beer somehow. the the cupboard with them! (i now have TWELVE!)
Tags: fun, quiz

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