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barely 12 hours after we had been chucked out of Firebug at closing time at 1am or so on Tuesday/Wednesday night, i found myself back there lunching with tankgirlinblack. maybe i should move in?

Doctor Who report: have watched Spearhead from Space now, with zub (which means i can give it back to greeba finally sorry). We found this quite entertaining. Also watched most of The Daleks, which was the 2nd ever serial. It seems to me that in the very early serials, the Doctor isn't really acting as a protaganist, but more an antagonist (abducting Ian and Barbara in the first serial, then decieving them to get them to the city in the second serial). Ian acts more as one. I mean, obviously the name of the show is Doctor Who, but it hadn't been I could easily see them losing the Doctor and just having The Adventures of Ian and Barbara Lost In Space! Or something.

Swan and Rushes quiz tonight! 8.30! Bring your useless trivia general knowledge!
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