Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Well, I'm here.

Not too much has changed. Nobody has left whilst I was gone, which I was kind of paranoidly worried about (but then I guess few people change jobs over Christmas anyway). As expected I have moved - to the other side of the room. The move actually took place on Friday, so everyone else was kind of confused anyway. And we have a new security system which means I have to swipe in and out every time I need to leave or enter the room (including to go to the toilet). But apart from that seems just like I left it.


Back home now. All went fine. Spent most of the day catching up email and documents (7 weeks worth!), then looked at a couple of bugs. Have arranged for Ez to come to the Cafe Scientifique hopefully tomorrow; and also have plans to go see Six by Seven when they play The Charlotte on Friday the 28th.
Tags: plans, work

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