Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Bit of a boring today. Various mud things done, including one tiny bit more of Dove mission written (in Dove mission you have to disrupt a peace conference between the Americans and the French).

otterylexa should be coming to the party next weekend, so that's all ok.

Tomorrow I shall be exploring the disused railway track near the village. It used to lead from the east to Thurnby and Scraptoft station. There was no actual interconnection with any of the mainlines running through Leicester - so rather unsurprisingly didn't last long. It's clearly shown on OS maps, and at least one of the railway bridges is still standing, so am rather curious to find out what is left. There should possibly be a viaduct, and the map seems to indicate a tunnel!
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    Took some somewhat better pictures at lunchtime: Set here

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    Not something you see every day: (apparently for the premiere of The Other Guys which is this evening at the Vue)

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    My parents went on holiday earlier this year (and far far away). This was still there:

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