Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Well, we didn't write the new mission (because we hadn't got sufficient preparation), but we do have a lot of brainstorming notes now!

Today's book review:

Death by Hollywood by Stephen Bochco. I bought this at the station whilst waiting for Charli, this morning, because I know the author (he is the NYPD Blue guy) and didn't fancy any of the magazines.

It gets a bit self-referential (all too easy to get into with stories about writers), but not philosophically so. (I still find the idea of making a movie explaining your crime rather implausible - this is a conceit both of the script-within-the-book and the book itself. Dennis Potter did this much better). The digs at an anonymized David Caruso are rather too obvious and not especially funny. But a fun light read nontheless.

The remaining robots books I will read perhaps some other time.
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