Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Review of books. OK. So I'm a little behind on these ones - but I did spend most of the time not being born yet!

  • The Caves of Steel. I am pleased to say I guessed who the murderer was, but finding out how was a surprise (I am bad at whodunnits). Its portrayal of future-Earth has dated in some ways quite badly, in particular the treatment of Jessie, but overall not too bad.

  • The Naked Sun. In terms of presenting a future society this works better than the Caves of Steel. I've read the Foundation novel where Solaria appears, so it was interesting to see it at an earlier stage of development. However, in terms of plot, I'm not sure. With the Caves of Steel all the elements were presented early on in the story, but in this characters and plot points don't stay mysterious for very long at all - and the means of attempted assassination of Bailey was hardly a mystery at all. But nontheless worth reading.

I shall now proceed to read the next two.

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