Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Saw The Brothers Grimm this evening. Without going into details/spoilers, I thought the first hour rather dull, but it was enlivened by a more entertaining second hour. It was hit and miss, and to begin with was like they had too much dialog/footage to fit in, but not enough actual story. but maybe it just confused me because i'm sleepy and we missed the first five minutes.

Oh. And I found that The Counting House has a table with pacman in it. And galaga. And bombjack. And frogger. And something like repton. Etc.
Tags: films

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    So, cleaners in London (E17). Any recommendations?

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    Happy new year!

  • 30

    It feels a lot like being 29 and 364 days, really. Definitely the most awesome birthday I've had in a while, though, and that's just so far. ;-)

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