Abi (abigailb) wrote,

In reverse order:

Inspection of flat went OK. He only briefly poked his nose in, just long enough to check that I hadn't knocked any walls through really. Which I haven't, so that's alright then.

Went to the Criterion's pub quiz, with vjbseven, qfyd and bx_83. This was not really what we were looking for, alas. Questions were good but were handed out on a piece of paper, and there the answer bit lacked oomph. Also we came last but one (we ere team Noobs). So not sure we'd do the quiz there again. However, they have a fine beer menu.

Recovered from being ill. After I got back home Monday, I spent a while being active and then spent most of the day in bed. Think I made it much worse for myself by trying to go to work. Oh well.
Tags: flat, quiz

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