Abi (abigailb) wrote,

back from the first new Marquis pub quiz, with vjbseven and drjane and grim_tim. not a patch on the old one.
36 questions, some of them stupid (what country did the Boers come from, apparently the country of Holland). but no celebrity picture round, at least. you write the answers down in a kind of random bingo pattern (different for each team). after all questions are read out, come the answers, in random order. you are expected to shout out 'Bingo' upon obtaining a line.

after this they give the rest of the answers, and then apparently the team with the most right answers wins or runs up (this was unclear).

it is free and therefore unlikely to buy any more guide dogs.

we're pondering what to do next week. probably go to this one in the interim whilst investigating other pub quizes trying to find a good one.

i seem to have 5 more sandmen now. well, there goes my plan for sleeping tonight. ;)

Oh, and the answer was Occupation Road. (you know the question, or not)
Tags: quiz, social

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