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So. Read this today. Didn't quite live up to my expectations. Although to be fair is quite nicely deranged. But.

The point of this sort of thing is that "it could happen here". And while the scenery of London (Parliament, the Old Bailey, Telecom Tower, Number 10, the Tube) is all there, the institutions are different.

The scary thing to me about fascism is how it usurps the state, not entirely replacing it - isn't it a bit of a waste to have a fascist leader in Britain who isn't Prime Minister, and surely the secret police ought to have been Special Branch? The only subverted state institution was the Church of England - we see the paedophile bishop (which is no longer really shocking either). Is this just because it would have been too radical/political for the 1980s? That the bad guys had to be racist, homophobic and Mengele-like bad guys, just so that nobody was in any doubt they were bad...

So, is anyone writing the V for Vendetta for the age of the War on Terrorism? Or are we in the end-times with no need for satire?
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