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08:40 am: Physically I seem to be recovering OK. I went in yesterday to the hospital for an inspection - they are happy with most of the healing. I do appear to have an infection around the edge of the affected area, which I've been put on anti-biotics.

Despite this I am feeling really lethargic. I can (just about) drag myself around the house etc but aren't doing so. I think maybe I overexerted myself the first couple of days back - certainly I was excited. Have re-started one of the painkillers I was on in hospital but stopped when I came out too, which appears to be helping. But its a bit depressing for me to be less active than I actually was in hospital. Hmm.



Date:December 11th, 2004 08:50 am (UTC)
trust me what you did was normal everybody does that
I hope your healing well
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