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12:37 pm: reading festival reviews

*Goldie Lookin' Chain - just the end. quite fun. the interview with them on the Nokia TV! thingy was kind of funny. having discussed their current album they were asked, "so, where next?" and replied "Leeds"
*Wedding Present - saw these at Summer Sundae. didn't work so well on the main stage as opposed to the DMH indoor room.
*Dropkick Murphies - just the end
*The Subways - good. i recognised loads of their stuff, which probably means i have their album and listened to it
*The Coral - mixed.
*Queens of the Stone Age - for the first time since 1999 - really very good set, although some of the jams were a bit tedious
*The Killers - they have nice songs but their performance was missing something
*Pixies - yay! kim deal's grin was huge, there was good banter between her and frank black.

*All-American Rejects - the end of. didn't remember them.
*Roots Manuva - nowhere near as good as recorded
*Dinosaur Jr - not sure what to make of them. didnt' recognise any of their songs, which was a surprise, since they were billed as if i ought to have. well, ok, they did play a cure cover.
*The Charlatans - woo
*Hot Hot Heat - can't remember. kind of dull i think.
*The Caesars - excellent
*Sleater-Kinney - confusing, also good
*part of Babyshambles - there was a band in the radio 1 tent playing Kilamangaro, and the singer appeared to be on drugs, so I presume this was babyshambles
*Foo Fighters - yayayayayayay. dave drummed! and taylor sang! ok, for one song

*The Modern - upon the advice of greeba - these were quite fun
*Art Brut - the third time this year - vocals didn't come over very well which is a bit of a shame in a band with lyrics like this
*Hot Chip - weird, as at Summer Sundae
*VHS or Beta - can't remember
*the end of Funeral for a Friend - can't remember
*NoFX - although musically i think they are awful, their guitar has always sounded horrid, they were nontheless quite fun.
*The Stooges - who played only stuff i don't recognise, which means i guess no Iggy solo stuff
*Incubus - dull
*Marilyn Manson - seemed a pretty standard performance by him. seen him probably four times now (at 2003, 2001 readings and also at big day out in 1999). he has good live material but never seems to make it work as well as i think it could. maybe he would be better indoors. ended very oddly, it seemed like a costume change and we were all expecting a finale, and then they just play a recorded version of his 'Suicide is Painless' cover, and that was it... the crowd gradually realised there was to be no finale and drifted away.
*Iron Maiden - blew me away. three guitarists and a bassist running around stage in formation like crazy people, add to bruce jumping all over the place... :)

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)
Date:November 24th, 2005 05:28 pm (UTC)

You've never heard of Dinosaur Jr.?

You've never heard of Dinosaur Jr.? They are only the greatest band ever! Check out the album "You're Living All Over Me" and my article on them at http://oldschooldinosaur.blogspot.com. I would like to know what music you listen to. Your breakdown of bands and your responses were weird. You don't like NoFX but you like Marilyn Manson and Iron Maiden? You were surprised that Dinosaur Jr. was on the bill, yet you don't even know their history with SST records started by Greg Ginn of Black Flag back in the 80's punk years. They are considered to be to alternative music what "Pulp Fiction" was to modern cinema by such bands as The Lemonheads, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana.
[User Picture]
Date:November 24th, 2005 07:51 pm (UTC)

Re: You've never heard of Dinosaur Jr.?

hello random anonymous blog spammer.

by the way, if you read my comment you will note that i said i was surprised i hadn't heard of them, not that i was surprised they were on the bill.
Date:May 14th, 2006 08:25 pm (UTC)
Hello, even though this is a damn old post I was searching on google for Stooges reviews and came across this blog. I'm not going to spam you like the chump above but I just wanted to clarify why Iggy didn't play solo songs. Basically The Stooges were a band in the 60's he fronted before going solo for various reasons, and they recently got back together. They have three albums of their stuff which I thoroughly recommend. So it was a band effort rather than Iggy Pop. Iggy and the Stooges was the name they went under for their last album, and he's a lot more prolific now so that's why they went under the name instead of just The Stooges or Iggy Pop.
[User Picture]
Date:May 14th, 2006 08:33 pm (UTC)
right. that's basically what i'd figured. :)

thank you random anonymous blog information spreader!
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