Abi (abigailb) wrote,

i now have a proper old-fashioned coatstand! i looked all over leicester for this, before finally finding it in Habitat. And then carried it all the way to my flat (in the rain). Apparently I can collect my mailbox key from letting agency tomorrow. I also now have a licence to be brainwashed recieve television broadcasts. so will be taking my telly to flat and getting a freeview box and a splitter and an extension cable. bloody knackered.

pub quiz tonight at the Marquis! If you know about sport or geography, please join our team. tomorrow should be a bit more of a quiet day, with Charli visiting the flat. Then Wednesday will be another Ikea trip, to buy shelves shelves shelves and possibly a sideboard.

Update at 7pm: Now have temporary television (until we can be bothered to move the big one) and a reasonably inexpensive freeview PVR. I can rewind live TV! Wardrobe now done (apart from the handles), and good progress on bed.
Tags: flat, photos

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