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11:33 pm: Long day at work again. Decided to arrange to meet maxiie again, at Firefly this time, and we were joined by jacanthas_whip. Visits to the Vaults (where I drank strange 8% by volume cider) and the Globe followed, and we then returned to Firefly and got abused by some random guy. This happens infrequently enough to me that I can't cope.

After this, jacanthas_whip gave us a lift home in his scary landrover. Quote of the day : "oh, so Scraptoft is near the Scraptoft Campus!"

Very tired now, and have rather a bad headache. It is first day of Summer Sundae tomorrow and I have the day off. Hurrah.



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Date:August 12th, 2005 09:54 am (UTC)
being trans, although it's not clear whether he thought he was just being clever.

indeed, he was on soft drinks.
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