Abi (abigailb) wrote,

Haha, abigailb has allowed me posting access to her journal due to an almost anicient and very nearly mystical tradition we began at squirmelia's 25th birthday party.

Now we are at landvaettir's delayed 26th birthday, howevere ite hase been decicdede thate thise e-tradition doese not applye onlye to birthday partiese.sesds

Having discussede the reasone for thise post Ie will now begine to give youe the party report. So far it has consiteeede ofe inteereestinge cocktails, fun, and laboriouslye misspeeling thineengs. [ insertiion from abi - earlier i hid behind a door in the yard from all the roleplayers, but they forced me to leave from behind the door by leaving the yard entirely, thus making my ignoring them moot! ]

She neglected to mention that during this time I poked her with a stick....
...A plastic stick.

We have been given door duty, thise was a bad idea, and I feel I should (woo nine inch nails- I just want something I can never have) go and inform them of this eventually.

Actually it's landvaettir's party. Apparently I'm an xml nazi.

You know, the southampton uni gamesoc once commissioned me to write them RP slash, it involved Nazi's.

I shall leave you with that thought.
Tags: not me honest guv

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