Abi (abigailb) wrote,

to landvaettir and riak's this evening for bad movies. watched Leprechaun in the Hood (IMDB) which was as promised bad, but happily in a funny way. Oh well, if it keeps Warwick Davies off the streets it must be good. :) apparently this is the 5th movie (Leprechaun in Space being the 4th). The 6th is "Leprechaun: back 2 tha hood"!!! As if this film needs a sequel. Erk.

danalkaelra is now my colleague. cool but weird.

there was a crime scene on the bridge near the holiday inn. had lots of police and a scientific support van at about 8pm today when i went passed it, and when i returned some hours later it still had lots of police.
Tags: social

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