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04:02 pm: just got back from London. very tired.

went down on Monday quite early (though not as early as I'd hoped due to silly ticket rules). met ez for lunch at pub, was good. in afternoon realised my boots were falling apart. so got new boots. managed to succeed to not buy any dvds. then met with ez, pan, plett at another pub, and then proceeded to brixton, where we happened upon tankgirlinblack, emmadacockney et al in the queue. once in, marvelled at the wonderfulness of the academy. the support act was Saul Williams who I thought was quite poor... and then to the main event.

Nine Inch Nails were QUITE GOOD! I was so excited that I could barely sleep afterwards... They played a well-balanced set, with most of the hits (missing "Perfect Drug"), quite a bit new stuff and some old or obscure stuff ("Dead Souls"). And they did it masterfully. I will never forget seeing however many thousand people all around me singing along to "Hurt".

Now I am back and my feet hurt and I am tired.



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Date:July 5th, 2005 08:45 am (UTC)
Shame the replaced the Dresdon Dolls with Saul Williams.

I'm going tonight.
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