Abi (abigailb) wrote,

back from seeing The War of the Worlds with darkstream. was ok. i like unconventional films where the story gets told through normal people who don't really influence the big events, and this fit that, though i don't think the decision to have the Tom Cruise character take out one of the war machines on his own was a good one. but this was happily an isolated incident not related to the eventual "defeat" of the aliens. was worried that at one point the little girl was going to sneeze at the aliens, hence causing their destruction. but no.

special effects were absolutely excellent - i didn't notice them at all, which is how it should be. little girl who from the trailers appeared to be very annoying was ok. think sulky teenage boy should have died. there seemed generally to be too many survivors and refugees... but yeah, they didn't screw it up much.

so: perfectly serviceable adaption, but nothing really special.

tired. also very excited about the fact that i am going to see NINE INCH NAILS on monday! hurrah.
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    Took some somewhat better pictures at lunchtime: Set here

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    Not something you see every day: (apparently for the premiere of The Other Guys which is this evening at the Vue)

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    My parents went on holiday earlier this year (and far far away). This was still there:

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